Thursday, January 27, 2005

I think my biggest leak is...

I was giving some thought to this today as I was browsing through PT. I think I call down far more frequently than is typical for a solid 5/10 player. Over the first month or so of play I had great sucess with this, winning enough showdowns to make these marginal calls correct. However, I've been struggling in the last couple weeks. Once again, Geo pointed something out.

I'm playing during the day more frequently. Now, the games aren't bad during the day, they are actually relatively soft. But not unbelievably soft. If they were toilet paper, they'd be 2 ply off-brand. Now at night as Geo said, people are just giving their money away. Not only is this a better situation, but combined with the fact that I call down more frequently, the looser play makes it more correct to call down in marginal situations.

So I played during the night last night, and hit a nice run. I don't think by any means that this is the cure all/end all to my downswings, but it's a start.

On the subject of leaks, here's an amazing post on two+two by Ed Miller (author of Small Stakes Hold'em) about the severity of leaks.

I also played some Pot Limit Omaha today, look for a post later.



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