Monday, January 24, 2005

My Year as a Poker Pro - Week 3

This week qualifies easily as the first frustrating week of the year poker-wise. I managed to put together a few winning sessions and played a ton of hands (clearing a bonus at Party in the meantime), but still finished with only a mediocre profit. So much of the weeks results are going to depend on what days I have my good/bad swings on, if I finish on a day with a somewhat large downswing I'm going to have a bad result for the week, I'm going to have to learn to accept that I guess.

Also, all hands are 5/10 6-max played at empire/party unless otherwise noted. My Blog also is up and running, it has this cross-posted as well as other random postings (2-4 times weekly).

Monday, January 17th

My week started off well, making a steady profit on Monday. My sleep schedule was so screwy from the overnighter I went to on Friday that I was up all night Sunday night and "started" Monday at 9 am. I slept that day, and put in another session that night. I mentioned last week that my endurance is going up and playing longer and longer sessions is becoming the norm. I managed, between the two sessions to get off 1,001 hands and set myself up for a nice pace on the week.

After I logged off for the night, I turned my attention to my new desk. The thing may not look that complicated, but man alive there were like 500 pieces. It's nice and sturdy though (and thankfully Mac-free). I managed somehow to get the Gorilla Glue that I was using in my hair. Not necessarily a good thing when you are referring to a product that calls itself "The Toughest Glue on Planet Earth." A good 25 minutes would be spent the next morning removing all traces of that from my locks. I managed to assemble the desk in just under two and a half hours and fell asleep, exhausted.

Tuesday, January 18th

I spent a considerable amount of time today sleeping, when I finally woke up (around 2:30 in the afternoon), I saw my friend Chuck had called. I gave him a ring and found out he and my friend who is leaving for Florida were hitting up the local cinaplex to see Coach Carter, Samuel L. Jackson is a good enough reason for me to see any movie, so I went and checked it out. Overall a pretty good flick, SLJ was the best part of the movie, although the story is outstanding as well. We hit up my Aunt's house (where Merhawi has been staying) and had some dinner, hung out and then I came home. I debated playing some hands, but decided I'd put in a few extra on Wednesday as payment for an early bed-time.

Wednesday, January 19th

I woke up and checked the forum per-routine and saw some exciting news. Party is having another reload bonus, 20% up to $200. I withdrew $1000 into Neteller and sat down to work some hands off at Empire. I managed to get through just about 500 before the grand showed up in my account. I deposited into Party, ate some lunch, watched a couple of my Netflix movies. (Quick Rating: Troy = Good, "Made" = Watch "Swingers" instead) Then I got to business. I put in 613 hands starting out with a pretty nasty downswing (to the point where I was worried I might not have enough at Party to keep 2-tabling) and went on a rush at the end to finish $2.50 in the red for Party. With the morning session that put me at -$354 for the day. An unfortunate, but reasonable swing.

Thursday, January 20th

I did pretty much nothing else except play today, I was a bonus clearing machine. I made it a goal to play until the bonus was clear and I finished it off with another 1300 hands. Like I did with my last Party bonus I went on a huge run and finished up $1149 (not including bonus). I cashed out and transferred back to Empire before hitting the sack again.

Friday, January 21st

Not much out of the ordinary today either, except for some nasty beats and some all too frequent second best hands. I played a ton of hands again, finishing of 1238 during the course of the day, including a 750 hand session. I kept my head about me today, which is marked improvement over losses in the past, didn't help much with the results however, I lost $561.00 over the course of the day.

Saturday, January 22nd

My friend Tim and his girlfriend stopped by today, they were on the way to check out their new apartment and wanted to know if I wanted to come along. I'm kind of glad I did as I think I found out where a home game I got a line on is at. There's a bar that's about 4 miles from my house that has cards on it's sign and the four suits in the window. The name rung a bell, so I called up a friend from the area and he confirmed that their was a few games their, some NL and a 10-20, as well as a few smaller games. He gave me the name of a friend who plays, so hopefully I'll have some live action close enough to drive to regularly once I get my car.

Tim's apartment is pretty nice, although it's somewhat in the ghetto. It's located above a pawnshop and the landlord told him that they can just put rent in an envelope and drop it off at the pawnshop. This struck me as funny, although Tim didn't quite see it that way. We hit up a local pizza place for delivery and for the 3rd time in 2 weeks it's taken a half an hour more than the estimated time for delivery to show up. The first time I gave the guy a large tip ($4+) as I wanted to establish that my pizza gets delivered first in the guys mind. The second time when it took that long I was getting a little upset and was planning on questioning the driver, until she showed up.

I've never seen a hot girl deliver pizza's before. I wasn't expecting to see one that day either, I ended up tipping like $5 again just because she caught me off guard. The third time it wasn't from the same place but it took almost an hour and a half to get the pizza, which unsettled me quite a bit. I let my friend tip him as I had picked up the tab for the pizza, I think the guy got a dollar and change. The pizza was good though, almost worth waiting for.

On the poker front, nothing real exciting, did play some heads up today, although not at a private table. A third person almost always jumps in within the first 10 hands, making it hard to get utilize any long term strategy against your opponent. I do find that a few weaker players tend to play the shorthanded games (3-4 players) and I'll probably be paying more attention to them in the future.

Overall, 763 hands winning a tidy $431 in the process.

Sunday, January 23rd

I should have taken today off, it was a horrible day for poker. The comment I made about taking beats better was just wrong, as my opponents hit 3 outter after 3 outer. All my bluffs got called down, and I missed most of my draws. I also made a few unfortunate second best hands, a couple being against a maniac who I figured was pushing with a worse hand. Just all around a case of right move, wrong time all day long. I dropped $705, took a break and came back after watching some CSI: Miami and playing some Tetris with my new roomate. I decided I was done with 5/10 for the night and sat down for some PL Omaha, finishing off a couple of bucks ahead.

I then sat down at the $100 NL table, which would prove to be costly. I was playing well, and got my money in with the best hand on both of the big hands that I played, true to form however, my opponents draws came in and I lost somewhere in the range of $150.

It was frustrating to have my whole weeks profits almost entirely wiped out on the last day of the week, but there's nothing to do except refocus on playing well and get in some more hands. Only time will make all things equal.

Week Totals:

Hands Goal: 5,000 Hands
Hands Actual: 6,649 (92 NL)
Total Won: $74.40 +$200 Bonus
Overall $5/$10 BB/100: 1.89
Bankroll Total: $4670


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