Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Online Poker is So Rigged

So I had my first dream about poker last night, at least the first that I remember. I was tossing and turning and I managed to finally fall asleep when I found myself playing cards on some new site. I apparently was playing NL and managed to get all in with a set of jacks after the flop only to have the other guy show: a set of jacks???

I started screaming at the computer, there were 5 jacks! Online poker is so rigged, and then I remember saying "I am so writing a letter." I am such a wuss, I can't even be a tough guy in my dreams.

I also got a chance yesterday to see Phil Hellmouth's Masters of Poker DVD which came as one of my netflix choices. I actually planned on it being so bad that I only got the second DVD, bluffing and tells. Phil is a great player (he'd be better without the ego, and I don't just mean more bearable) and his greatest skill is reading people. There were a few tips in the movie (which was a disappointing 40 minutes long), but nothing not covered by Caro. Overall not highly reccomended.

I apologize in advance for any who read this when I'm working on my blog, it will be changing over the next couple of days to include a blogroll and hopefully not look so much like Ammbo's Site. For the record, I named mine first, although I may change the name today.



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